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We take businesses
on a meteoric rise

We dare to push the outer limits of what is possible, seek fresh strategies to maintain growth, and really go after big revenue targets. We find all possible solutions to go above and beyond in every partnership.

“We have successfully grown businesses with limited ad budgets all the way to 8-figure ad spends.”

Hicham Zaraket
Founder, The Rocket Marketing
Former Partner Manager at Facebook

“We have successfully grown businesses with limited ad budgets all the way to 8-figure ad spends.”

Hicham Zaraket
Founder, The Rocket Marketing
Former Partner Manager at Facebook

The digital marketing atmosphere is polluted

Many bad actors pretend to have an absolute answer for how things work and claim to have the one secret that will 10X your ROI. The truth is, there is no “one hack” to trick the algorithm and get insane results.

Sky’s not the limit.

It’s the beginning

Let’s take your business on a meteoric rise.

Some of our happy clients

Our partners are your partners

We pride ourselves on being vetted for our expertise by two social media giants and securing the following partnerships:

Meta’s Business Partner and tiktok marketing partner.

Our Services

Paid social

We help you reach the right people, with the right content at the right time. We provide comprehensive media planning and buying and execute successful media campaigns that exceed your expectations.

Digital strategy

We help you understand the challenges and opportunities available to your business after conducting in-depth analysis and audit. We elaborate an optimal strategy that will deliver the best performance for your business

Branding & Design

We take the time to understand your brand essence and value proposition and offer creative solutions that resonate with your strategic aspirations.


Our team will craft the perfect SEO marketing campaign that will enhance your online presence, drive traffic to your website, and skyrocket sales.

Social media management

Building your brand’s presence on social media is key to your success. Our team of skilled social media specialists attend dedicated Meta trainings to constantly be updated on the latest trend to elevate your brand and create thumb-stopping content. We craft comprehensive content strategies that align with your business objectives to soar through social media success.

Email marketing

Our email marketing strategies have achieved over 25% increase in open rates. 

Your goals are few emails ahead. Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. We craft effective email marketing strategies tailored to your specific needs

Funnel development & Web design

We’re one of the few funnel agencies in the MENA region that produced millions in revenue.  

We create focused funnel development strategies that get your clients to act. You’ll love how your funnel looks and functions, but more importantly you’ll love the results they drive!

TRM is a leading full-service digital boutique agency providing tailored solutions to ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs in the MENA region that help them scale their business and sustain growth

We’re an official Meta Business Partner, TikTok Marketing Partner,

but most importantly 

Your Success Partner.

What We Do

Boundless mindset + Innovative approach = 

Tailored solutions to your business needs.

Performance-driven agency focused on scalable growth

We want to empower Arab marketing and business professionals by scaling their businesses. We strive to delight our clients by relentlessly delivering best service and sustaining business growth

Our Values


We’re committed to openness, communication, and accountability.


That’s the key to a winning strategy.We help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right content

Result-driven Reliability

We pride ourselves in delivering remarkable and consistent results.

Making an impact

We strive to make an impact  by delivering the best outcomes to make our region thrive

Data Driven

The digital world is polluted with people claiming to know everything based on unfounded assumptions.  We never assume, we trust the numbers, and we let data talk.

A new era of discovery awaits

Schedule a meeting to begin a deep exploration of your business needs and your audience’s insights.

We’ll guide you through the most powerful solutions Facebook & Instagram has to offer.


Watch your campaigns get the maximum number of conversions
for the lowest cost per action.

Meet the founder

Hicham Zaraket,

founder of The Rocket Marketing

worked at Facebook for 7 years before he decided to invest this knowledge in pursuing his dream: to help businesses in the MENA region grow exponentially and generate successful case studies to share with the world. Our first case study has already been featured on Facebook’s official site.

We’ve managed millions of dollars in ad-spend and have all the expertise needed to exponentially grow your business through tailored digital strategies.

We are an official Meta Business Partner and keep a very close relationship with the teams there. We are also one of less than 10 certified Independent Facebook agencies serving the middle-east out of the thousands of ad agencies.

Our process

We’re specialized in exploring unfamiliar territories and we’re not afraid of the unknown. Why? Because we have a proven methodology that enables us to approach any business.

We carefully assess and analyze the surrounding of your digital marketing strategy before crafting and executing cohesive marketing campaigns that will propel you to space.

We help clients scale significantly and grow with them.

Our formula:

 audit strategy and implementation (preparing the fuel)
 launch test and hack (blastoff)
scale to the moon (out of this world results)

Case Studies


CommentSold is a b2b platform for online sellers. We helped them scale up their ads and convert. They are now a billion-dollar company!


Yashry is one of the biggest E-commerce platforms in the MENA market. We went through complex solutions until we were able to double their sales while reducing their costs.

Beauty & cosmetics

SILKY SKIN KSA is a leading skincare business in KSA, specializing in Lazer hair removal products. We increased brand awareness and optimized their client’s journey throughout the whole sales funnel. We utilized retargeting and email marketing while focusing on the life-changing results woman see after purchasing their product

Online courses

Ron Photography: is an Omani-Based photographer who launched her course to teach women in the GCC  baby photography. We worked together on the funnel, branding, and all technical back-end (email marketing, automation, webinarjam etc). Within a month we were able to generate 8k webinar registrations, 3400 webinar attendees, and over 16.4x ROAS. (pending approval)

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